I have recently begun getting my social security checks at age 62 and half. There are several real advantages to pulling from your government savings account on an early basis.  The number one is that you will at least get some of the money they have been holding in save keeping for the last 40 years.  Another is that for many of us we can "survive" with a lot of due diligence on our spending.  A third benefit is that you do get to finally relax to some degree and be away form the hassle of the every day job.
Howsoever, I have found a few things that are not such good things.  The first was that now I am expected to be the house husband.  Keeping up with the chores that use to be spread around a bit.  The second thing is that learning to budget on a once a month pay check is not the easiest transition to learn.  The third thing I learned is that now my entire family has found so many projects for me to do that my relaxing time is limited to the last 2 hours of the day.
  My experience has shown some new light on the idea of "retirement", be sure you do not leave out these things I have mentioned today.  The surprises are good and probably will continue to show up every day.


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