As your body gets older, you are going to naturally need more of some vitamins and supplements than you did when you were younger. This is something that you should keep in your mind, because as you age you are going to want to gradually increase certain amounts of some of the vitamins and minerals in your diet to keep yourself healthy and active.

One of the things that you should know is that as you get older you are going to be more at risk for a vitamin D deficiency. If you aren’t drinking milk or eating fatty fish, you might be at risk for this. Also, because vitamin D production is stimulated by the sunlight, you might find that if you don’t get out as much as you age, you aren’t getting enough Vitamin D. Because of this, you should consider getting some extra as you age through vitamin supplements.
Another thing that seniors are often having problems with is an iron deficiency. This can happen if you lose blood through some reason, or if you are using antacids or are on other drugs. Calcium is another thing that you are often lacking as you get older, so it is something that you should consider supplementing if you aren’t getting enough calcium in your diet. Along with these, magnesium is also often lacking in an older person’s diet, and therefore might need to be supplemented.

If you believe that you aren’t getting enough of a certain vitamin or mineral, the best thing to do would be to talk to your doctor about getting a multivitamin that is made for seniors. You might also want to consider the idea of taking a one a day supplement in the areas that are you are lacking. Multivitamins are a great way to back sure that you’re receiving the best nutrients possible without getting too much either.

Remember that getting a balanced diet and taking supplements if need be is something that you should always be considering and should make a lifelong goal. There are many benefits to getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals, and as you age these become more and more important. If you want to live longer and be healthier, you should be sure that you are getting the proper amount of nutrition in all areas. Vitamin supplements can help you get the nutrients you need to stay younger longer.
I have recently begun getting my social security checks at age 62 and half. There are several real advantages to pulling from your government savings account on an early basis.  The number one is that you will at least get some of the money they have been holding in save keeping for the last 40 years.  Another is that for many of us we can "survive" with a lot of due diligence on our spending.  A third benefit is that you do get to finally relax to some degree and be away form the hassle of the every day job.
Howsoever, I have found a few things that are not such good things.  The first was that now I am expected to be the house husband.  Keeping up with the chores that use to be spread around a bit.  The second thing is that learning to budget on a once a month pay check is not the easiest transition to learn.  The third thing I learned is that now my entire family has found so many projects for me to do that my relaxing time is limited to the last 2 hours of the day.
  My experience has shown some new light on the idea of "retirement", be sure you do not leave out these things I have mentioned today.  The surprises are good and probably will continue to show up every day.

The baby boomer generation plays a significant part in almost every aspect of today's America. They made an impact to every age cluster they get to belong. Baby boomers have the diverse potentials that uplifted their group in history.

Fast statistics show that the fifty plus age group of baby boomers are earning roughly two trillion dollars, in control of more than seven trillion dollars of wealth and own 77% of financial assets in United States. That is not all, baby boomers also grip 50% of the discretionary powers in both government and private organizations.

Baby boomers are interesting subjects to tackle-their power to do, their immense abilities and their emotions. And since the baby boomer generation is now ranging at the age of 42 to 60 years old, they are facing the issues of retirement. It is fascinating to discover how baby boomers envision their old age, their retirement plans and the thought of being empty nesters.

Empty nesting is the period in parents' lives when their children start moving out to live their own lives. Sadly, aging parents are left by themselves, reviving the scenarios when they were just starting out a family as well. The difference is that they have consumed the energy and youth they used to be abundant of. While the baby boomers have a range of emotions toward empty nesting, they are most likely to play the brand name for them-the independent generation.

Furthermore in the poll conducted for baby boomers, the following are some key points which were uncovered:

Considering the statistics of birth of baby boomers, the name of their generation was derived from the explosion of birth right after the World War II. At the span of the baby boomer years, roughly seventy-six million Americans were delivered to the earth. Currently, the population of baby boomers occupies twenty-eight percent of the whole populace in United States.

Specifically by the year 1957, an estimated 4.3 million of babies were born in America. The number has outstood any other year before it.

On the issue of retirement, baby boomers view this stage on its brighter side. Accordingly, most of the baby boomers plan to pursue a career after their previous career. Being involved in sole proprietorship or any self employed business is the popular choice. Seventy-five percent envision their retirement as the chance to devote leisure time with their children and grandchildren. This will result to more domesticated adults. However, of this poll, seventy-four percent feel freer upon retirement while fifty-seven percent claimed that they will only be freer when they become empty nesters.

More than half of the baby boomers are confident that they will have enough money for leisure when they already retire. This means that less than half of them are not certain if they will live a comfortable life after retirement. These statistics greatly affects the issue on the empty nesting emotions.

When questioned about parenting, 71% of the baby boomers responded positively. For these baby boomers, parenting was a challenging task that marked many wonderful experiences for them. That is why when the empty nesting stage comes, baby boomers are more emotionally prepared. This is illustrated in the positive feedback of the 58% baby boomers who are readying for the time when their kids had to leave their territory for good. In parallel, a surprising twenty-six percent feel like they would be closer to their better halves when their kids are gone.

The older the baby boomers are, the more emotionally stable they become. Most of the oldies in this generation have been ready to clear the nest. While the large percentage states a neutral emotion, baby boomers are more likely appreciative of freedom that they will soon be enjoying.

For seventy-four percent of baby boomers, they have proven to be good role models for their children. And forty percent of the aging baby boomers foresee that there will come a time when their children would still cling to them. Since baby boomers are characterized by being independent, only twenty-eight percent view their old age like their children would be charged for the rent.

Indeed, baby boomers play significant roles in the society. It is their age that introduces the value of optimism and self sufficiency.
Dan Silver


That question will be on a lot of peoples minds.  If you have a job or career that is satisfing and profitable retirement may the last thing on your mind.  However if in these great ression times we are going through again, pulling out tall that social security money that we have been putting away, may be a sound decision.  Who knows just maybe the banks may need our money more than we do and will try of go for that money too.  But we all know that the banks are surely going to make taht money available to us, so we can buy that car or house.  They have promised that they will pay all of us back in the future.  I wonder just how credit worthy these banks and financial instutions really are?  I ssure hope our treasury secretay make them jump throughat lest as many hoops as they ahve made us don all thes years.

Dan Silver


How to figure your retirement.  The social security website has a calculator that you should use.  Be sure to read all the information there.  There are several surprises that can sneak in and disrupt your time of ease.  Especially focus on the limit of income and hours per month you allowed to work without sacrificing your social security checks. 
running your own business could be a real difficulty.