Baby Boomers, What They Want and What They Expect In Today's Society

In terms of generations, one of the generations in the United States that contributed a lot in terms of political, cultural, industrial, economy, and academic is the baby boomers era. This era is one of the highlights of the United States history and it is also an era where the economy was on an all time high.

First of all, you have to know why it is called the baby boomers generation and which people are included in this generation. The baby boomers generation is composed of people who were born between the years 1946 and 1964. Because of the significant increase in birth rate during this era, historians called it the baby boomers generation.

People who were born during this period have distinctive political views and cultural views. They are people who grew up and participated in the civil rights protests and they are also people who grew up knowing about the American Military might and also knowing that the enemies were communists and socialists.

Maybe this is the reason why baby boomers have different and distinct political views. You have to realize the fact that baby boomers have contributed a lot in terms of politics. Since they grew up in the years of the Cold War and the Vietnam War, baby boomers tend to be more militarily and politically inclined. In fact, Bill Clinton and the incumbent President George W. Bush are the two first presidents who are in the baby boomers era. If you look closely, both have somewhat similar political views and their policies don't really differ that much, even if one is a democrat and the other is a republican. You have to consider the facts that both have funded the military in order for the United States retain its military might and they are also concerned about civil rights.

So, what do baby boomers want? If you look closely, people who are in the age of mid-40s to 60s are very much unlike aging people in the past. Today, you will see these people to be more active and are generally concerned more about their health. In fact, many people who were born in the baby boomers era frequently visit doctors compared in the past. This is because these people want to care for their own health.

What this means is that baby boomers will likely live longer than their predecessors. Today, baby boomers are aging. However, because of the latest medical technology available today, you should realize that the life expectancy for baby boomers has increased.

However, there are also growing concerns that the baby boomers today are facing. Because the baby boomer population is at an all time high, there are problems concerning Social Security benefits and also about Medicare. Another problem is that when the baby boomers go into retirement, the workforce will decrease. This is because of the decreased birth rate after the baby boomer era. This will mean decrease in workforce and increase in retirees.

What the baby boomers want today is when they retire, they should be able to get the necessary retirement and health benefits. Since baby boomers are expected to healthier than their predecessors, they will be able to travel a lot.

After retirement, the baby boomers population is expected to travel a lot. In fact, most baby bloomers working today are working to save enough money to go on a retirement vacation.

The baby boomers are a proud generation where they went through a lot fighting for civil rights. They also contributed a lot in culture. This is why you should expect them to want some ways to relax and taking a vacation is one of them.

Today, aging baby boomers are now considering retiring and are expecting the government to repay them for the services they contributed to the society. The baby boomers era is responsible for making the United States economy to run smoothly. This is because of the high population levels of workforce and also in those times, unemployment rates were virtually non-existent.

Since baby boomers came of age when there were protests for the war in Vietnam and civil rights, you should expect that they are well aware of their civil rights and wants everyone to respect it. And for this reason, baby boomers really want to retain their civil rights and expect the government to give them the benefits they deserve when they retire.

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Dan Silver